آس 90 : Raheem Sterling: Mauricio Pochettino defends under-fire forward after boos from Chelsea fans | Football News

Raheem Sterling had a tough afternoon in front of goal for Chelsea, and was booed after mis-hitting a free-kick shortly before he was substituted

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Mauricio Pochettino has defended Raheem Sterling after the forward came under-fire for his performance against Leicester, while also addressing boos towards himself during the game.

Sterling had a string of moments to forget during a 4-2 win in the FA Cup quarter-final. He missed a penalty in the first half, while also sending a free-kick high into the stands later in the game.

He missed another clear chance earlier in the game, although Sterling did assist Cole Palmer’s goal to double Chelsea’s lead.

Palmer has often been the Blues’ penalty taker and addressing the incident after the game, Pochettino said: “Cole gave the ball to Raheem. I think they have a good relationship from Man City.

“When Raheem asked to take the penalty, you can see Cole [give him the ball]. It’s not a problem – Cole can miss, Raheem can miss. For me, the decision is theirs and I want to always support the decision of my players on the pitch.”

When further discussing the performance of Sterling, Pochettino was firm in his support for his player, adding: “It’s obvious that I cannot hide anything. The feelings weren’t good for him, but I’m going to support him and today is a great opportunity to support him.

Raheem Sterling misses a penalty against Leicester
Raheem Sterling missed a penalty in the first half for Chelsea

“He has an unbelievable CV, he’s played in big teams and he’s an experienced player. He missed a penalty and some chances, but I’m happy with him and we are going to support him.

“The chance is to show we are building something. It’s my decision as always to play with eleven players, always doing the best for the team, the club and fans. It’s keep going, being strong and believing in the way we are doing things.”

Pochettino unconcerned by fans’ boos towards himself

Sterling was not the only figure to receive the ire of Chelsea’s home crowd, with Pochettino also targeted with boos during the match – and not for the first time this season.

One of those came with his first substitution as Mykhailo Mudryk made way for Carney Chukwuemeka – despite the crowd wanting Sterling replaced.

Pochettino said that he was not worried about the fans’ perceived anger, going on to say: “That is why I made a decision. I am not only here to do whatever the people want. Also, I am not stupid.

“We analysed Mudryk and he was tired, he was doing some stretching and we thought that maybe he would not finish the game. Then we decided to first go for Mudryk and then for Raheem.

“We need to see everything, we are professional and we want to win. I completely understand the situation, but that doesn’t mean that I agree.

“We conceded a lot, they feel emotional because they’re disappointed, but it’s normal that they don’t agree with some decisions because it’s the feeling.

Axel Disasi reacts after scoring an own goal against Leicester
Axel Disasi also scored an own-goal in the second half to help Chelsea back into the game

“We have very clever fans, they realise the situation and then when they are on the street, I am always open to talk with them and they show their support for us.”

He also asked Chelsea fans to keep their trust in the club as a whole, not just Pochettino himself.

“They need to trust in the club,” he added. “If I’m here, it is for decision of the club. It is not to trust in me or the players, it’s to trust in what the club is doing and what they think is good for the club and the fans.

“Trust in everyone, not only me.”

Poch: This team deserves big credit

Carney Chukwuemeka is mobbed after scoring a late goal to restore Chelsea's lead against Leicester
Carney Chukwuemeka scored a late goal to restore Chelsea’s lead against Leicester

Despite a less-than consistent season for Chelsea, they have booked themselves another trip to Wembley for the FA Cup semi-finals.

They played there at the end of February, losing to Liverpool in the Carabao Cup final, and could make it three appearances at Wembley this season should they reach the final.

It has been somewhat of a contrast to their Premier League form, where they remain in 11th place, but Pochettino remains confident in his project at Chelsea.

“We are close and I really believe that we can get better results in the last 10 games and be higher in our position,” he said.

“The most important thing is building little-by-little, build our relationship, build a squad that can be more consistent. The key is to identify all the things we need to change little-by-little during the season and next season, to have ambition is what we need to be stronger with the talented players we have, but they need to progress also.

“They have time also to realise that football isn’t just flashes, it’s not only action, it’s being consistent in two phases of the game. The Premier League is tough but we were not lucky in results. In the Carabao Cup and now in FA Cup, we are doing well.

“The team deserve big credit. When we play with less pressure on the team, they feel better and give chances to progress.

“The Premier League is tough, and you need more time to be more mature and experienced because how you deal with game is completely different.

“But finding balance, we are in a good way even if we are disappointed with the position in the table, but I believe we can move forward.”

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آس 90 : Odd Happenings in the Unpredictable World of Sports

Odd Happenings in the Unpredictable World of Sports

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Throughout the history of sports, there have been moments that became bizarre events, some funny, some odd, some historical. What follows are some of the most interesting, tragic, bizarre, and just downright humorous instances that took place in one sporting event or another.

We begin this trek down memory lane with a story that might be the most unbelievable of all. If you have never heard the name Frank Hayes before, you are about to learn the way his life ended in a most incredible tragic fashion. Frank Hayes participated in a sport that certainly has a limited audience. Horse Racing. Hayes trained horses and worked as a stablemate. In 1923, Hayes was 22 years old by some accounts, but others have him perishing at the age of 35. What happened to Hayes is just unthinkable. In 1923 he was asked to get in the saddle for a steeplechase at Belmont Park in New York. Hayes was on the back of the horse named “Sweet Kiss” and the odds were 20 to 1 that his horse would win the race.

This race would be Frank Hayes first and last. You see horse jockeys are small in weight with limits and Hayes needed to cut his weight from 142 pounds down to 130. He shed the weight in a single day. He did this by jogging until he got to the desired weight. He also failed to drink any water in this process and by the time he saddled up, he appeared weak and exhausted. Whether you believe it or not, a jockey riding a horse can be taxing because of the need to use arms and legs to get the horse moving to the speed necessary to win a race. It has been said a jockey can get their heart rates up to a beat of 180 times a minute. Once the race began, Hayes never got to finish. Not alive anyway. At one point in the race, he suffered a fatal heart attack, but even being dead, he remained on the horse and Sweet Kiss won the race. When officials went to congratulate hm they discovered he had died during the race. Thus, Hayes became the only horse jockey in history to die during a race and yet win the race. His horse Sweet Kiss never raced again.

For baseball fans, many might remember Jim Abbot from a few years back. A remarkably successful pitcher in Major League Baseball who was born without his right hand. Still, he was able to have a distinguished career in baseball learning how to switch his glove when fielding and how to hold his bat when at the place. Now go back to 1945 and there was another major league baseball player who unlike Abbott did not find as much success in Major League Baseball but still made it there albeit for only one season. His name was Pete Gray, and his physical limitations were a bit more extreme than Abbott. Gray was born with all his limbs intact but in 1923 while on his farm, and the accident severely damaged his right arm and it had to be amputated above the elbow.

Gray’s love for baseball endured and he had a successful minor league career after teaching himself how to field and hit despite the loss of his arm. In 1942 while playing for the Trois-Rivieres Rendards in the Canadian American League a “C” level league, Gray played in 42 games and batted .381. The St. Louis Browns in the American League signed him to a contract in 1945 and he lasted just one season, but the fact is, he made it to the majors. That year he finished with 77 games played but hit just .218. Of his 51 hits, two were triples and six were doubles.

Gray had a relatively long life passing away at the age of 87 in 2002 and his resting place is at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Hanover Township, Pennsylvania. Gray was a native of Nanticoke in Pennsylvania born March 6, 1915.A movie was made about him in 1986 called “A Winner Never Quits” and it starred Keith Carradine and Mare Winningham. There is also a biographical book titled “One Armed Wonder: Pete Gray, Wartime Baseball” as well as American Dream by William C. Kashatus.

As for bizarre moments in sports, there may not be a more outrageous moment ever than what took place in a heavyweight boxing championship between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. The fight was rematch after Holyfield had won the WBA title from Tyson in late 1996 and this bout took place on June 28, 1997. The fight took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Paradise, Nevada. Entering the fight Holyfield’s record stood at 33-3 with 24 knockouts and Tyson was there with 45-2 mark and 39 KOs. Both weighed in at the same amount (218) and Holyfield was defending his WBA title. He was also Ring Magazine’s 9th ranked fighter. Holyfield had also previously won the light heavyweight championship.

As the fight began, Holyfield began to dominate Tyson. During the second round some incidental head butting occurred by Holyfield. One of those headbutts caused a cut on Tyson and in the third round, after taking a heavy shot Tyson found himself in a clinch by the defending champion and in the clinch, Tyson leaned in and bit Holyfield on his right ear. Agonizing in pain, referee Mills Lane stopped the fight Marc Ratner, the chairman of Nevada’s athletic commission ordered Tyson to be disqualified but Lane allowed it to continue.

A few moments later Tyson did it again, but this time bit the other ear, tearing away some of Holyfield’s left ear. At that point Tyson was officially disqualified and went into a rage indicating he bit Holyfield in retaliation for the head butt. Tyson, in biting Holyfield’s ear, spit the piece of skin to the canvas. Interestingly enough, these two men are friends to this day.

VIDEO: Mike Tyson Bites Holyfield’s Ear Clean Off’

When you think of funny moments in sports, perhaps one of the most humorous videos you will ever see is when Mark Sanchez had his now infamous “Butt Fumble.” But when it comes to embarrassment, two plays took place on both the collegiate and professional level that mirror each other. It is rare that a football player picks up a fumble and tries to score but ends up running in the wrong direction. Well, that has happened twice where it became a major story, one on the amateur level and the other in the NFL.

In college, the year was 1929 and the annual Rose Bowl was being played between the University of California (Berkeley) and Georgia Tech. The date was New Year’s Day, and one Roy Riegels playing for California was on defense in the position of what is now known as a nose tackle. Riegels also played center on offense. But facing the Yellow Jacket’s offense, Tech’s Jack “Stumpy” Thomas on his own 30-yard line when he fumbled the ball. Riegels picked up the loose ball and began to run towards what he thought was the Yellow Jackets’ end zone but instead was heading for his own end zone. Riegels ran 69 yards in what would have been a safety had he reached the end zone, but his teammate Benny Lom caught up to him all the way screaming at him to stop. Obviously Riegels did not hear him.

Lom and his teammates tackled their own man at the three-yard line as they also tried to turn him around. But Riegels went down to the turf. Lom would end up punting the ball as decided by his coach because California did not want to risk running plays so deep in their own territory. However. Lom’s punt was blocked, and Georgia Tech turned it into a safety giving their team a 2-0 lead. Forever more, Riegels became known as “Wrong Way Roy.” In his own words he explained the play:

“I was running toward the sidelines when I picked up the ball. I started to turn to my left toward Tech’s goal. Somebody shoved me and I bounded right off into a tackler. I’m pivoting to get away from him, I completely lost my bearings.”

VIDEO: Roy Riegels’ Wrong Way Run in the Rose Bowl

Move ahead 35 years to the National Football League and the Minnesota Vikings were playing the San Francisco 439ers on October 25, 1964. On defense for the Vikings was the great Jim Marshall. Just like the Rose Bowl game 35 years earlier Marshall like Riegels picked up a fumble and began to run the wrong way. The difference this time is that Marshall made it to his own end zone which of course became a safety. Marshall threw the ball up thinking he had just scored a defensive touchdown. He redeemed himself later in the game when he forced a fumble which his teammate Carl Eller returned for a score which turned out to be the deciding factor in Minnesota’s 27-22 victory. Months later, Marshall was sent a letter from none other than Roy Riegels who said in the later, “Welcome to the club.”

VIDEO: Touchdown Fail. Guy Runs the Wrong Way

Back to boxing and in one of the most famous sports paintings in history is a representation of the boxing heavyweight title fight between Luis Firpo and defending champion Jack Dempsey. Dempsey is one of the greatest champions of all time and is knowns as “The Manassa Mauler.”

Firpo, the challenger had the nickname “El Toro Salvaje de las Pampas (The Wild Bull of Pampas) hailing from Junin, Buenos Aires. At the time of the fight Dempsey’s record was 61-4-9 and Firip 25-2. The fight took place on September 14, 1924, takin place at the old Polo Grounds in New York City. In the first round alone, Firpo was obviously in over his head suffering knockdowns seven times. But Firpo kept getting up and was able to get Dempsey up against the ropes throwing combinations that knocked Dempsey out of the ring. With a 10-count going on, the champion with assistant from others made it back into the squared circle. Strangely enough the referees count did not start right away, and Dempsey was outside the ropes for 17 seconds. Firpo continued his onslaught when the fight continued landing 13 straight punches. The round ended and Dempsey had decided enough was enough and knocked Firpo out in the second round was the fright went down as the Ring Magazine Fight of the Year for 1923.

While we began this article with the death of a jockey, in Major League Baseball throughout its long history there has been just one single incident of a player dying on the field of play. That unfortunate soul was Ray Chapman. The date was August 16, 1920, and Chapman was playing for the Cleveland Indians. He made his debut with the team almost to the day this incident took place on August 20, 1912. On that day in 1920 the Indians were facing the New York Yankees and Carl Mays was on the mound for the pinstripes.

Carl Mays had a submarine type of motion to his pitches and when he faced Chapman, the game was in its latter stages and in this era, tampering with baseballs was common. This type of activity often made the ball less visible and using his sidearm delivery Mays threw a pitch that came inside, and Chapman just stood at the plate as the ball crashed into his skull. Witnesses say the sound of him being hit was so loud that even Mays thought the ball had hit his bat and in fact the ball rolled back to Mays who fielded it and made a throw to first base.

Laying at home plate, Ray Chapman was bleeding from his left ear and the home plate umpire Tommy Connolly yelled for a doctor. The great Tris Speaker was in the on-deck circle and rushed to Chapman’s side. The batter did manage to get to his feet and tried to walk but his knees buckled, and he fell back down. He did manage to speak and said “I’m all right. Tell Mays not to worry. Ring …Katie’s ring.” Katie was his wife who was also pregnant at the time. He then fell again unconscious. After arriving at St. Lawrence Hospital, he died at 4:40 am because of brain damage. His wife Katie fainted upon hearing the news. Because of his death, his teammates wore black armbands the remainder of the season. Ironically, the Indians won the World Series that year.

The final two stories come from Major League Baseball. Bill Veeck who was once a very colorful and innovate owner of the Chicago White Sox and St. Louis Browns would often pull pranks in the game to make it more interesting. One event stands out much more than anything he did before. On August 19, 1951, Veeck obviously thought it would be funny to sign a dwarf to his roster and put him up to bat in a live game. In came Eddie Gaedel, all 3 feet 7 inches tall and weighing just 90 pounds. On the mound for the Detroit Tigers was Bob Cain and his battery mate was Bob Swift who had to go to his knees to catch the incoming pitches given Gaedel’s height. Cain could be seen laughing hysterically probably because getting a ball inside the small batter’s strike zone would be impossible.

Wearing jersey number 1/8, Gaedel was instructed to just stand there and take pitches. Naturally, he walked on four straight balls and trotted down to first base where he was replaced by a pinch runner. That was the end of his career in baseball and tragically, Gaedel died on June 18, 1961, at the age of 36 after being mugged and beaten and then suffering a heart attack. Strangely enough, his death came 10 days and 10 years to the date of his MLB debut.

Finally, we have an absolute oddity that will probably never happen again. The “Big Unit” Randy Johnson was on the staff of the Arizona Cardinals on March 24, 2001 when in spring training his team was playing the San Francisco Giants and In the seventh inning as Johnson was getting ready to throw another pitch, and his best pitch was the fastball which often traveled to home plate better than 100 miles-per-hour. Unfortunately, on this one pitch a morning dove crossed in front of the ball and was in direct line of the pitch as the ball hit the bird full force killing him instantly.

The Giants’ Jeff Kent picked up the dead bird and gave a big smile. Johnson who threw the pitch did not find any humor in it. Said Johnson, “I didn’t think it was all that funny, it was “a blur.”

VIDEO: Randy Johnson Hits Bird with Pitch

So, there you have it, some moments in sports that most likely never happen again. But they are true and in the books as history.

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آس 90 : Details Emerge About Andrew Wiggins’ Leave From Warriors

Details Emerge About Andrew Wiggins' Leave From Warriors

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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - JANUARY 12: Andrew Wiggins #22 of the Golden State Warriors controls the ball against the Chicago Bulls on January 12, 2024 at United Center in Chicago, Illinois. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.
(Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)


Earlier this week, the Golden State Warriors were without Andrew Wiggins, who wasn’t with the team because of a “personal matter.”

He hasn’t played with the Warriors since then.

According to Shams Charania, via NBACentral, Wiggins is “dealing and tending to a serious family matter.”

There is no other information about the situation nor a timetable for Wiggins’ return.

Head coach Steve Kerr briefly spoke about Wiggins earlier this week when he sat down with 95.7 The Game.

“We’re in a position where Wiggs is a private person and he’s asked to keep it private and we’re gonna honor that,” Kerr said, adding that the Warriors do expect him back but they don’t know when.

This isn’t the first time that Wiggins has missed time due to personal reasons.

Last season, he sat out of the final 25 games of the regular season because of a “family matter.”

No other official explanation was given at the time, although NBA reporters would later say that Wiggins’ father was grappling with a medical problem.

Wiggins eventually came back for the playoffs and participated in all 13 games before the Warriors were pushed out of the postseason by the Los Angeles Lakers.

This season, Wiggins has been averaging 12.7 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 1.7 assists per game, shooting 45.5% from the field and 35.1% from the three-point line.

It has been a tough season for the player, although he has improved a bit lately.

The Warriors have been on a strong streak of wins lately, scoring victories in 10 of their last 12 games.

The loss of Wiggins could hurt the team but they will have to persist and push through without him, hoping that he can deal with his family matter and return soon.

Draymond Green Calls Out Warriors Analyst After Knicks Game



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آس 90 : Report: Matt Painter says Canada’s Zach Edey won’t return to Purdue next season

Report: Matt Painter says Canada’s Zach Edey won’t return to Purdue next season

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سایت آس90

Purdue head coach Matt Painter told College Hoops Today’s Jon Rothstein that this will be Canadian centre Zach Edey’s final season of college basketball.

The Toronto native’s freshman season was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which would allow him to play one more year at Purdue if he chose that route.

After winning the Naismith National Player of the Year in 2022-23, Edey is favoured to repeat in 2023-24. He would become just the third player to ever win the award multiple times, joining Bill Walton and Ralph Sampson.

The seven-foot-four 21-year-old is averaging 23.7 points and 11.8 rebounds per game on 62.7 per cent shooting in 28 games this season.

Over his four seasons at Purdue, Edey has averaged 17.3 points and 9.3 rebounds per game.

Purdue currently holds a 23-3 record and is ranked No. 3 in NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball.

Despite claiming the Big 10 title in 2023 — where Edey was named MVP of the tournament — Purdue had an unceremonious exit from the NCAA tournament, becoming just the second No. 1 seed to lose to a 16 seed.

Farleigh Dickinson shocked the Boilermakers with a 63-58 upset.

Edey entered the NBA Draft in 2023, but chose to return to Purdue on his final day to make a decision.

He is ranked 13th on ESPN’s list of best prospects for the 2024 NBA Draft.

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آس 90 : How the Winnipeg Jets have worked their way to the top of the NHL standings

How the Winnipeg Jets have worked their way to the top of the NHL standings

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After 39 games, the Winnipeg Jets are on top of the NHL. This is the latest into a season that this iteration of the Jets has occupied first place in the overall standings. (The Atlanta Thrashers led the league 18 games into the 2006-07 season.)

Winnipeg, which has collected points in a franchise-record 12 consecutive games (10-0-2), has put on a defensive clinic over the past two months. The Jets have gone 29 games in a row without allowing more than three goals — the sixth-longest streak in league history. (The 1928-29 Boston Bruins hold the record at 44 consecutive games.)

“We emphasize a team game,” Jets coach Rick Bowness told reporters Sunday following the team’s 6-2 win against the Arizona Coyotes. “We emphasize pressure all over the ice. We emphasize as soon as (opponents) get in the zone, get on them as quick as we can. We just emphasize pressure as much as we can all over so they’re not carrying the puck in, they’re not going east-west on us, they’re not making plays.”

Since their streak started on Nov. 4, the Jets have shut down their opponents on the rush, limiting them to 5.03 scoring chances per game — second only to the Carolina Hurricanes (4.97) over that span. By comparison, Winnipeg allowed 6.5 rush chances per game through its first 10 contests.

The Jets have denied 44.2 per cent of attempts at entering their defensive zone, which ranks 10th since Nov. 4. When opponents have been able to set up in the Jets’ zone, they have not had much luck getting to the slot. Only 36.1 per cent of shots attempted against the Jets over the past 29 games have come from that area, the third-lowest mark in the league.

Of course, such a run of defensive dominance is not possible without outstanding goaltending. Connor Hellebuyck has saved a league-best 15.1 goals above expected in 21 starts since early November (0.72 per 60). Laurent Brossoit has been just as good when called on to give Hellebuyck a rest, saving 5.93 extra goals over his past eight starts (0.75 per 60).

There might not be a more complete team in the NHL than the Jets. All four forward lines are effective in their roles, led by the No. 1 unit of Nikolaj Ehlers, Mark Scheifele and Gabe Vilardi, which has outscored opponents 14-4 at 5-on-5 since coming together in mid-December. The defence is solid at both ends, and the goaltending is arguably the best in the league.

The Jets appear to be the real deal.

“That’s not an easy feat,” Jets forward Cole Perfetti told reporters Sunday when asked about leading the league. “You look at the teams in this league, you look at the players, it’s so hard night-in night-out to win on a consistent basis. We’ve been doing that.”

All stats via Sportlogiq

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آس 90 : Men’s T20 World Cup: England grouped with Australia as India face Pakistan in New York | Cricket News

England beat Pakistan to win the the T20 World Cup trophy in Melbourne in 2022

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Defending champions England have been grouped with Australia for the Men’s T20 World Cup in June, while India will face Pakistan in New York.

The 2024 Men’s T20 World Cup is being co-hosted by America and West Indies, with USA facing Canada in the opening game on June 1 and the final to take place in Barbados on June 29.

England – who won the 2022 T20 World Cup in Australia after beating Pakistan in the final – have also been paired with Namibia, Scotland and Oman.

Jos Buttler’s side begin their title defence against Scotland in Barbados on June 4, before playing Australia at the same venue on June 8.

The hotly-anticipated clash between India and Pakistan will be staged in New York on June 9.

The 20 teams have been divided into five groups of four with the top two in each pool making the Super 8 stage.

First-time qualifiers Uganda will play Afghanistan on June 3 in their maiden T20 World Cup match.

USA and Canada will also be playing in the tournament for the first time, with USA given a place as hosts and Canada coming through the Americas Qualifier.

Existing venues at Grand Prairie in Dallas and Broward County in Florida will be expanded using modular stadium technology, which has been used at previous International Cricket Council events to increase venue capacity.

England's Ben Stokes hit the winning runs against Pakistan as they claimed the T20 World Cup title in Melbourne in 2022
England’s Ben Stokes hit the winning runs against Pakistan as they claimed the T20 World Cup title in Melbourne in 2022

T20 World Cup groups

  • Group A: India, Pakistan, Ireland, Canada and the USA
  • Group B: England, Australia, Namibia, Scotland and Oman
  • Group C: New Zealand, the West Indies, Afghanistan, Uganda and Papua New Guinea
  • Group D: South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the Netherlands and Nepal

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آس 90 : Dodgers’ trade for Tyler Glasnow helps club solidify starting rotation

Dodgers’ trade for Tyler Glasnow helps club solidify starting rotation

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The Los Angeles Dodgers signed the best free agent ever earlier this week. But even that didn’t address their biggest need.

The club inked Shohei Ohtani to a record 10-year deal, yet because he’s not expected to pitch until 2025, the Dodgers needed to bolster their starting rotation, which had taken successive hits in recent seasons. Thursday’s trade for right-hander Tyler Glasnow, which isn’t yet official, accomplishes that, adding a frontline starter to the fold.

Here’s a closer look at the deal as reported and what it means.

The deal: Tampa Bay Rays traded right-hander Tyler Glasnow and outfielder Manuel Margot to the Los Angeles Dodgers for right-hander Ryan Pepiot and outfielder Jonny Deluca. The Dodgers and Glasnow then reportedly agreed to an extension worth $135 million over five years. 

The runners-up: Glasnow had been mentioned in trade rumours for months, with the Angels, Reds and Cubs among clubs linked to him.

The player: Glasnow is the headliner of the trade, so we’ll focus on him. The 30-year-old right-hander possesses one of the most promising arms in the game but has yet to put together a full season due to several injuries. However, despite missing the first two months of the 2023 season with an oblique injury, Glasnow clearly found his form.

The right-hander posted a 3.53 ERA and 2.91 FIP over 21 starts and 120 innings this past season — both career highs. He produced a monster 33.4 per cent strikeout rate, which placed him in the 97 percentile of major leaguers, and generated a career-high 3.2 wins above replacement, per FanGraphs.

Glasnow underwent Tommy John surgery on his right elbow in 2021, and the sense now is that his arm is fully recovered and primed for success. The Dodgers certainly believe so, evidenced by the reported contract the club doled out to him.

The fit: The Dodgers’ rotation endured a major blow in late 2022 when right-hander Walker Buehler underwent Tommy John surgery. Then, during the 2023 season, right-hander Julio Urias (who’s now a free agent) was placed on administrative leave by Major League Baseball after he was arrested on suspicion of felony domestic violence. Long-time ace Clayton Kershaw was injured and ineffective down the stretch and, as a result of all that attrition, the Dodgers’ rotation was exposed during a NL Division Series sweep at the hands of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Glasnow adds certainty to the team’s rotation picture and with Buehler set to return next season, the Dodgers appear to be in great shape. Add Ohtani to the mound mix beyond that, and we’re looking at a scary collection of arms on a team that has made the post-season in each of the last 11 years.

The next domino: Japanese right-hander Yoshinobu Yamamoto is the most coveted starter on the free agent market and the Dodgers were reportedly a primary suitor prior to this trade. It’s unclear how the deal for Glasnow impacts that, but it’s worth noting that Ohtani appeared at the organization’s meeting with Yamamoto.

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آس 90 : Weight Management for eSports Players

Weight Management for eSports Players

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Back in 2020, we made some eSports predictions. At that juncture, Overwatch League viewing figures had fallen by 34,000 since 2019, down from 97,168 to 63,505. The recent Finals in Toronto this October also showed a drop in ratings from the year prior – however, this time round, a viewership of 157,600 represented a decline from 216,000 in 2022. While there are still fairly dramatic peaks and troughs, the overall trend in the 2020s is that eSports are on the rise.

We were perhaps right in saying that eSports will continue to focus on the ‘giants’ – the games that have stayed relevant for years, and in some cases over a decade – 47 of the 50 top-earning players play 2013’s Dota 2 to the exclusion of almost everything else. The Top 20 games look almost identical to 2020, with only the new versions of beat-em-up franchises like Street Fighter, Tekken, and Guilty Gear providing much in the way of new arenas for competition.

With the action focused on a narrow range of games, the elite players live at the margins. Any sort of advantage, no matter how miniscule, must be grabbed to have the best chance for success.

A fairly big one is looking after the physical body. There’s a misconception that video gamers don’t need to be fit as they’re sitting down and playing games. Is that true? Let’s take a look.

Losing Weight for eSports

There are many stereotypes about competitive gamers. Most are unflattering. Perhaps the one that’s stuck around the hardest is the South Park image of the overweight player who the boys have to beat in World Of Warcraft. However, as with many stereotypes, there’s often a grain of truth in there. 2020 saw the retirement of Jian Zihao – one of League Of Legends best-ever players. Uzi, as he was known, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and told by medics he had the ‘arms of a 40 or 50-year-old’ aged just 23. When reaction times in competitive gaming can be measured to thousandths of a second, it’s likely Uzi’s performance, as well as his health, would have suffered had he kept competing.

Some players who clock in with a BMI way over 30 – the definition of obesity – may choose to go down the medical weight loss route. As with any course of medication, this should be discussed with a professional before embarking. It’s increasingly common to be prescribed off label weight loss drugs. Ozempic, which has been hailed as a boost for those looking to lose weight, is currently only FDA-approved as a treatment for type 2 diabetes. In the US, medicines sometimes have to be off label because of the complexities of the healthcare insurance system. Contrave is a weight loss drug made from a combination of naltrexone and bupropion. Those two drugs are relatively commonly covered by insurance, but Contrave is not, so a medic may prescribe those two with dosing instructions to gain the same effects as the branded pills.

Weight Maintenance

Weight management for eSports players can be taxing. The activity is mainly sedentary, and while some pro teams have dedicated fitness programs, those may require a level of base fitness before starting. Crash diets don’t work. They’re even less likely to work when having to be built around an activity that takes up a lot of time when reaching for a snack, and getting back to the screen takes priority over preparing something healthy. There is some evidence that gaming does burn calories, although there’s also a correlation that irregular sleep patterns – sometimes necessary when tournaments span time zones – can interfere with hormone production, leading to increased appetite and feeling less full even after eating.

Successful weight management plans are tailored around an individual’s lifestyle. As eSports become more mainstream – which they slowly but surely are – it’s likely that more knowledge and best practices will come to light. It’s true to say that eSports may be a young player’s game just now. However, that isn’t true of all gaming – the average age of the American gamer is 35. As the pros start to age, expect to see them take an interest in avoiding middle-age spread.

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آس 90 : Canucks forward Hoglander fined $2.8k for slew-footing

Canucks forward Hoglander fined $2.8k for slew-footing

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The NHL’s Department of Player Safety says Canucks forward Nils Hoglander has been fined for slew-footing San Jose’s Kevin Labanc during Vancouver’s 3-1 win on Monday.

Hoglander has been fined US$2,864.58, the maximum allowable under the collective bargaining agreement between the league and the NHL Players’ Association.

The Swedish forward was given a match penalty for the infraction and ejected from the game with Connor Garland serving the penalty for his teammate.

The incident happened near the end of the second period in front of the Canucks’ bench, with Hoglander initially being given a minor penalty before that was overturned.

The Canucks doubled their lead shortly after the incident, with Sam Lafferty scoring a shorthanded goal.

Hoglander has five goals and eight points in 17 games this season, his fourth with the Canucks.

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