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Dollar Tree Discount Store


If you shop at Dollar Tree often, you probably know how fast some items can come and go in the stores.

If you are looking for a specific item that Dollar Tree carries, or if your favorite items are not in stock, you may be wondering if and when you can expect to find them back in stock.

Understanding when and how Dollar Tree stores restock their products will help you avoid making unnecessary trips to your local Dollar Tree store to see if the products are on the shelves or constantly calling the store or bothering the employees with questions about the products you need.


When Does Dollar Tree Restock?

Dollar Tree retail storefront


Dollar Tree stores usually only do a complete store restock one day a week.

This day can vary depending on the location of the store, the employee hours, and the day that the Dollar Tree store receives its new shipments.

However, they restock their shelves on a daily basis.

Dollar Tree stores are typically small and do not have a lot of space in their stockrooms, so they can’t hold a lot of items for very long periods.

They need to get the items on the shelf so they can sell quickly and make room for the next shipment.

If the items are time-sensitive, such as freezer items or seasonal items, they will need to be restocked as they are received, so they do not become dead stock that is lost in the warehouse.

Some stores have certain days and certain hours that they prefer to stock.

They may choose to restock a few hours after closing so they can get items on the shelves while there are no customers in the store.

Some may choose to stock their items early in the morning before the store opens.

If a store receives a new shipment, they may decide to take the items straight from the truck and start stocking them on the shelves as soon as possible.


When Does Dollar Tree Receive New Shipments?

Cargo freight truck


Dollar Tree stores receive shipments in the form of trucks.

The trucks pull behind the store and unload, much like trucks deliver to large department stores.

Most Dollar Tree stores receive their stock shipments one day a week.

These days can vary by location, and sometimes the schedule or days can vary for the same store.

In very busy stores, in bigger cities, or in rural areas where the Dollar Tree is one of only a few stores around, trucks may come as often as twice a week.

Dollar Tree products are shipped from distribution centers that are located all across the United States.

Typically, a truck will fill up with products at a distribution center and then deliver the products to the nearest Dollar Tree store.

Some trucks are able to deliver to several Dollar Tree stores within the same area.

Some trucks carry certain products, such as food items or household items, while other trucks may carry seasonal decor or even clothing items.

Some Dollar Tree stores also receive liquidation items that are delivered by other trucks throughout the week.


Do All Dollar Tree Stores Receive New Shipments On The Same Day?

Close-up Of Two Mover's Hand In Uniform Carrying Cardboard Box


Dollar Tree stores do not receive their shipments all on the same day.

Dollar Tree shipments come from Dollar Tree distribution centers, and the length of time it takes for Dollar Tree products to be delivered from the distribution centers to the stores depends on how far away the distribution centers are from the stores.

Stores that are located in the same states as distribution centers are more likely to receive their products early in the week because it’s easier for the drivers to make it to the store from the distribution center.

Those that are located in other states or further away from the distribution centers may not get their products until later in the week.

Some stores may also request to receive their shipments on certain days of the week.

This makes it possible for them to plan their restocking times around their busiest times of the week to ensure that they have enough products on the shelves and available to all the customers who will visit the store in an average week or on their busiest days.


How Often Does Dollar Tree Restock Their Shelves?

soaps for sale on supermarket shelves


Most Dollar Tree stores only restock their shelves completely on one day of the week.

Many Dollar Tree stores prefer to choose Monday as their restocking day.

This allows them to check out the items that have been sold during the weekends, which tend to be some of the busiest shopping days for Dollar Tree stores.

When they see which items are missing from the shelves or which items are the most popular and have sold out, they can get the appropriate items from the warehouse area of the store, unbox them, and place them in the correct locations on the shelves.

In some stores, the manager prefers to restock all the shelves, and in others, all staff members work together to get the items on the shelf as quickly as possible.

The staff members who stock the shelves may also be in charge of finding which items they are low on in the back room or warehouse, so they can be ordered from the distribution center and received on the next shipment.

Some items will sell out faster than others, and stores quickly learn to request these items with each shipment, so they always have plenty available to add to their shelves for customers.


Does Dollar Tree Restock Shelves During Business Hours?

Salesman in uniform work in building


Some employees do stock shelves during business hours.

If the store’s truck arrives late or if the store is running very low on certain items, they may need to restock during store hours to ensure the products are on the shelves so customers can buy them.

This can make things chaotic inside the store.

Dollar Tree aisles are fairly narrow, so it can be difficult for a store employee to get their carts down the aisles around customers who are shopping in the same aisle.

It can also be hard to put things on the shelves while customers are shopping.

Most stores prefer to stock their shelves after they close or before they open in the morning, but they will stock items throughout the day, each day, as they run out or are purchased.


Do Dollar Tree Items That Are Out Of Stock Come Back In Stock?

dollar tree store


Dollar Tree sells many different items, and some items are almost always available and in stock, while others are very limited, and once they are sold out, they are not available again.

Items that are easy to find in most Dollar Tree stores are those that are distributed by the same company and sell well in every store.

Food items, home improvement items, and craft items are often available, but sometimes the styles, colors, and designs can change.

They can also vary by store.

Some liquidation items that come from other stores may not be available at all times or may not come in stock when they sell out in one store.

These items are usually those that are products by bigger companies.

Makeup items, clothing items, some food items, and some accessories are a few examples of the types of liquidation items you can expect to find in Dollar Tree stores.

Items that are restocked at dollar tree stores are restocked at random.

Items that are available one week may not be delivered to a store with the next shipment and may not be available again for several weeks or even months.

If you see an item at your local Dollar Tree that you have never seen before, you may want to scoop it up when you have the chance because there’s no guarantee you will ever see it again and have a second chance to buy it.


Does The Dollar Tree Website Offer In-Stock Notifications?

Dollar Tree website


Dollar Tree doesn’t offer notifications when new items come in stock.

While some stores allow you to sign up for text alerts or email alerts that let you know when a certain product is available, Dollar Tree does not offer this feature.

You can check the Dollar Tree website to see which products are available and in stock online and which ones are available at your nearest Dollar Tree store.

This can give you an idea of which items you can find at your store, and if you have more than one Dollar Tree store near you, you can figure out which one has the items you need and plan your trip more easily.

If you are trying to find out if an item is in stock at your favorite Dollar Tree store or if you need a specific item and want to find a Dollar Tree store that has it, you can call the Dollar Tree customer service phone number and ask them to assist you with finding the item you are looking for.

The customer service representative will be able to check the inventory of the Dollar Tree stores near you to figure out if the store you plan to visit has the item you want, if there is another store where you can find that item, or if the item is available online to be shipped to your home or your local Dollar Tree.

Sometimes store employees will be willing to check their stockroom to see if the items or products you want and need are available and just not on the shelves yet.

Some Dollar Tree stores do maintain a large inventory of items in their stockroom and do not have to place them on the shelves often to make room for new shipments.

When this happens, some items can stay boxed and in the stockroom.

Even though they may be available, customers don’t know it because they can’t see them on the shelves.

Employees may be aware of these items and may offer them to customers who are looking for them.

You can call a store or check with a store employee to find out if they have a certain product that you are looking for in the stockroom.

Store managers and employees are not able to check the inventory of other stores to see if they have any products available.

They may be willing to call another store for you to ask an employee at that store if they have the product you want or need.


Does Dollar Tree Sell Bulk Items?

dollar tree at night


Dollar Tree sells bulk items online, and if you require many different items, this can be one of the most affordable ways to get them.

You can go to the Dollar Tree website and search for specific items or browse the different item categories.

Many of the products you love at your local Dollar Tree are available in bulk on the website.

You can order numerous items and have them shipped to your home or your local Dollar Tree store.

You can find items that are not available at your local store online.

If you shopped at your local Dollar Tree stores and were not able to find enough of the items you need, being able to buy them in bulk online can be convenient and make it possible for you to get what you need.

You can buy items in different quantities, depending on the item and the amount you need.

Some items are available in different bulk sizes, and others are only available in specific bulk sizes.


Does Dollar Tree Sell Bulk Items In-Store?

Dollar Tree in Fort Myers Florida


Dollar Tree does not sell bulk items in-store, but you can order them online.

If you would prefer to pick up your Dollar Tree items from your local store instead of having them shipped to your home, this is an option.

When you place your order online, you can choose which store you want to have the items shipped to.

Check the address to ensure it is correct before you complete your order.

Once your order ships, you will be notified by email to let you know your items are on the way.

When the shipment arrives at your local store, you can make arrangements to pick up the item.

To do this, you simply visit the store and tell a manager or cashier that you have a pickup order.

They will locate your order, confirm everything is inside, and hand it to you.

You can also buy bulk amounts of Dollar Tree items in the store.

As long as your store has enough of the products you need, you can buy them in bulk.

However, these items will be purchased at the normal retail rate and will not be provided with a bulk order discount.

If you want to buy discounted bulk items, you will need to find them online.


Does Dollar Tree Sell The Same Products In-Store And Online?

Dollar Tree sign


Dollar Tree stores do not always have the same products in stores and online.

You can find many products that are available online but not available in your store.

These items may not be available at all or may only be available in limited colors, styles, or sizes.

Sometimes there are items available in stores that you cannot find online.

This makes it hard to find certain items at times, but it can also be fun because you never know what you might find at your favorite Dollar Tree.

If you do happen to find a product in a store and need to see if it is available online, you can easily visit the Dollar Tree website and search for it.

You can also call the Dollar Tree customer service number to see if any other Dollar Tree stores may have it.

Dollar Tree stores tend to have more liquidation items than the website, but you should check both the stores and the website often to see if the selection has changed and to see if there are any new items available.


What Does Dollar Tree Do With Unsold Products?

Dollar Tree Discount


Dollar Tree stores are very popular, and stock tends to move through these stores quickly.

Still, not all products are hits, and some just do not sell well.

If an item cannot be sold in a store, it is packed up and sent back to the distribution center.

Here, it will be stored and possibly shipped to a Dollar Tree store in another area or even listed for sale online.

Seasonal items that do not sell in one season may be sent back to the distribution center or even kept in the stockroom at the store until the season comes around again the next year.

Then, they will be stocked on the shelves again and made available to customers.

Food items that do not sell may be thrown away if they are outdated or donated to a food pantry or another charitable organization, as long as they are not expired.

Other items that do not sell within a reasonable time may be discounted at the stores or may be liquidated or donated to other stores such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

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